Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 31 31 DC - Recreate a Mani


So sorry this post is late, and especially on the last day :( Way to go out with a bang.. not. Unfortunately life got in the way and I had to attend a wake yesterday and I just didn't have time to finish.

I want to say before we finish that I'm very proud of myself and everyone else that participated for all the hard work we did. It's hard coming up with 30 different manis in as many days. I feel like I've learned a lot from other bloggers in the past 30 days, and gotten a lot of new ideas for manis for sure.

I also want to thank everyone that has commented or viewed my blog throughout this challenge as well. It means the world to me, and there's nothing more exciting than getting a new comment on something I've worked hard on. I also appreciate my new followers :)

So today's mani comes from Day 10 of the Challenge, and it was done by Melissa of My Nail Journey. You can see the original here. And here's how mine turned out!

I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls as the base, and Zoya Storm and Kelly and China Glaze First Mate and Swanky Silk for the dots. Sorry about the terrible clean up. I was in a rush to get this posted before it was even later than it already is!

I loved the original for this one. I wish I had been able to make my squares a bit crisper like hers, but I'm happy with the way it looks. I will say, this mani is very time consuming, but definitely worth trying again when I have more time and patience to make it more even. I'm still getting the hang of striping tape, so hopefully with practice it won't be as much of a hassle.

If you haven't seen them already, check out everyone else's fav mani from the challenge and see how they redid it below! Also, now that the challenge is over, I'll be taking a tiny break until monday and then getting back on track with a round-up of the challenge itself, and then a new little series I've come up with. :)


  1. I'm so sorry you had to attend a wake. :-( Life sucks sometimes, doesn't it! Ugh.
    I'm so flattered you chose this mani to recreate. It doesn't seem like it will be too time consuming in the beginning, but about the third nail in is when it really kicked in for me! I can't believe how many people made it to the end of the challenge! I quit around day 23. I had the manis done but I simply couldn't find the time to post! Great job finishing!

    1. Thank you, sorry it took so long to respond! Yes it was very very time consuming! I want to try it again, and hopefully do it a bit better. It's too bad you quit, maybe you can jump in and post the days you didn't do during the laid back version? Especially if you finished it anyway! I would just post them :) I would love to see!